Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

Hair extensions is another craze that we have the celebrities to be thankful for making it famous. If your hair doesn’t grow to your desired length do not despair help is in hair. Whether you are looking for long, luscious locks with volume, you can still achieve that look with the right hair extension to achieve that sexy natural look.


Choose the right look:

  • Talk to your hairdresser to decide which you look would like: long, straight hair, curly, etc.
  • Think how this new look will adapt into your lifestyle.
  • Synthetic hair, no way, don’t touch it! They may be a lot cheaper but 100% natural yarns guarantee results a thousand times better.
  • There are many methods of applying hair extensions to name a few:
  • The best kind of extension for curly hair is sewn in (weave). Avoid using glues in your extensions because when the hair begins to grow, frizzy strands break easily.
  • When the hair stylist IS braiding your hair for a weave, make sure it is not too tight. Weaving should be firm but comfortable.


Maintenance on a day-to-day

  • Keep your hair clean by washing weekly.
  • Try to avoid shampoo with sulfates and alcohol or with PH balance higher than 7
  • Too many styling products may cause build –up
  • Avoid the use of too many products like grease and heavy oils
  • You can colour the hair, but not too frequently and it is best done by a professional
  • Treat your Hair Extensions as your own
  • Avoid oils, creams or sprays that can dry out the extensions.

Are you feeling beautiful and powerful with the luscious big hair? Remember that after three months, it is best to remove all extensions and let your natural hair breathe for at least two days.

This procedure is essential to avoid the so-called alopecia fountain or traction. Our FlowBella hair extensions have not been over chemically processed. Our hair is healthy and will last for very long time.

We believe that all woman can have great hair and that’s why we provide you with the most natural, 100% high quality, and ethically sourced human hair.



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  1. September 15, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    Thanks for the great advice on choosing the best extensions. My hair won’t grow past my chin and it is so frustrating because I want long hair. I’ve never done a weave, but I’m so glad that you mentioned that a sewn in weave is the best. Maybe I can find a beauty supply store in my area that will have more information and I can try it!

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