Let the adventure begin – India

The Adventure Begins!!!

This is my very first time travelling to India, the trip is both for an adventure and a new beginning for me.

After 13 years of working in the accountancy industry, I have decided it was time to leave all this behind and start my new business venture. After a lot of what ifs/and talking to my partner about it (who has been my rock throughout all this), it’s now or never!

Tickets booked, hotels, booked, there is no turning back now.

Welcome to India


We (Nina and I) arrived in Delhi on the 1 April (really April’s fools DAY) the first thing that hit me was the heat! I was not prepared for that, it felt like we just walked into a 100 degree oven! Here comes my factor 50!!!!!!!!!


The contrast of the shiny welcome to India sign, to the hustle and bustle of New Delhi is completely different.

Oh how wrong was I,  thinking that I could handle all this, after all I have been to Africa a few times, if I can handle the traffic in Africa, then the New Delhi traffic is going to be a peace of cake or so I THOUGHT (despite my friend warning me in advance that India is in its own element).


We are heading to Kinari Bazaar market famous for materials, candles, spices, books and pretty much everything you can think of. My friend is buying some materials for her business check out (www.byninadesigns). I insisted in getting a taxi, however both the hotel manager and my friend assured me that a TUK TUK would be the quickest way to get there. What the heck lets do it!!!!



So we take TUK TUK to the market, to say that my heart was in my throat would be an understatement. First of all, I found out there is no such thing as traffic lights or drivers indicating, however there is a thing called ‘SOUND YOUR HORN’. I didn’t know where to look, one minute you think you will be hit by a car coming on  the left, and then you look at head of you the driver is so close to the car in front that I asked myself, how did we not crash??

The market busy, yes? Traumatising yes, imaging being on a London tube during rush hour, everyone is pushing to get in, but times that by a billion! After walking to a few shops, I started to feel light headed, I had to sit down or else I would have fainted. My friend bought her materials and it was time to make the dreaded journey back.


Traffic was extremely heavy on the way back, our driver decided to take a different route in order to avoid the main traffic. What he didn’t say is that we would be driving through the spice market.


At first, I thought my hay fever was coming back, I was coughing really badly, my eyes were sore and watery, throat dry, I wanted to die!  This lasted for over 30 minutes. To make matters worse, the traffic was at standstill right by the spice market just my luck! I wanted to cry. I can safely say that will not be returning to that market AGAIN!

After al the madness of the market its time to chill and have some food and a very well deserved beer.




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