The Best Brush for your Foundation


You have to agree, there are more brushes in a makeup tutorial than you can understand. How in the world are you supposed to know which one is used for what? If that wasn’t enough, each brush has multiple uses, which only complicates things further. The biggest problems come when you move to apply your foundation. With so many different types of foundations, which brush is best for which? Well, to help you out of all this confusion, here are the brushes that work perfectly for each kind of foundation.

Low coverage

For the best application of low foundation on those picnic trips and expeditions, the angled foundation brush works best. It has short and tough bristles that are perfect for spreading the product on your face evenly. Plus, the brush works amazingly with perfect strokes to smooth the foundation into the crevices of your face for a more toned look. A good foundation brush may apply the foundation, but a great one blends it perfectly onto your face for the perfect finish and the angled brush can do this for you.

Medium coverage

You may need the medium coverage foundation on those lunch outings or those formal meetings and the stippling brush is great for delivering the smooth look that you desire. Its dense nature makes it great for applying the product evenly, without consuming too much foundation. The brush is a great tool if you need that perfect airbrushed look on all of your beauty expeditions.

Pressed powder

The battle between powder and creme foundation is never ending, however, the brushes used to apply each product don’t agree with each other either. Pressed powder is best applied with the fluffiest, most bouncy brush that you can find. The fluffier the better, that’s the rule with powders!

High coverage

Then comes the ultimate challenge, your perfect, high coverage foundation. Now the trouble with these kinds of foundations is that if the foundation is not applied evenly, the uneven areas will show very prominently. Hence, the need to make it as smooth as possible is critical. The perfect weapon to battle with this product is the makeup sponge. It’s soft, it’s even and it does the job perfectly. So, whenever you are in need of that flawless makeup coverage, the makeup sponge is a great tool to use.

Now that you know which brushes go best with which foundation, it is much easier to unravel the mysteries of the makeup world. After all, every kind of makeup needs a special tool for perfection. So, just pick up the best brush for the job and blend your way to perfection!


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