The Trendiest Hairstyles of 2017

Hairstyles and trends change with the passing days. As the fashion statements and preferences change, so do the ways of doing your hair. Clearly, the entire look isn’t complete without the final hairdo. The right hairdo adds the ultimate glamor and shifts your style up several notches. However, the problem is that with so many hairstyles circulating about, it’s hard to find the ones that are trendy and yet easy to make as well. So, what is hot in the hair world today? To help you on your quest, here are 5 hairstyles that are trendy this year.

Super sleek

Straight hair has always been admired by many, however, the trend is expected to shine with all its light in 2017. The long, sleek locks have been carried by some of the top models and fashionistas of the industry and will surely compliment you as well. You simply can’t go wrong with simple yet elegant straight hair. However, the trick is to make it look glossy and healthy rather than fried. So, break out your flat irons, but don’t forget to run serums and conditioners through your hair before ironing it to protect it.

High pony

Moving one step ahead, the high ponytail has drawn a lot of attraction and is expected to be big this season. Whether you have straight hair or wavy ones, the high ponytail is sure to add style points to your credit. You can do it in a rumpled texture, or in the perfect stick straight look, any style is trendy. The goal is to make it as tight as possible while not pulling your hair off because the tighter the ponytail the more lifted your looks will be.

Flat waves

Another easy to carry trend is the flat wave hair style. You don’t need to meddle in those tricky Beachy or bouncy waves. The new trend is the flat iron waves which are created with a straightener. All you need to do is create bends in your hair by pushing them upward and then sealing them with clamps of the iron. Remember to keep the ends straight, and you are good to go.

The growing out shag

2016 saw an amazing rise in the shag cut. 2017, however, is expected to see the shag growing out. With those beautiful locks, sliding just past the shoulder, there is hard to find a cuter hairstyle. The bangs are just the right length and are the perfect style that gives off a stylish vibe without needing much effort and maintenance.

Cher hair

Everybody loves long here and those who don’t have them have extensions to rely on. Super long hair has been the trend for long and we don’t see the fashion statement going anywhere in 2017 either. From Rihanna to Jourdan Dunn to the Kardashians the extra-long hair has been seen on a number of stars. We don’t blame them; the hair does look magnificent and elegant for sure!

You can’t go wrong with these hairstyles in 2017. They are some of the most elegant and cheered on hairstyles at the moment. The best part is that they don’t need much effort either. Some simple steps and you are ready with a fabulous hairdo. Surely, every woman loves to stay on top of her fashion game and these hairstyles are bound to help you stay on top of yours!

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The Best Brush for your Foundation


You have to agree, there are more brushes in a makeup tutorial than you can understand. How in the world are you supposed to know which one is used for what? If that wasn’t enough, each brush has multiple uses, which only complicates things further. The biggest problems come when you move to apply your foundation. With so many different types of foundations, which brush is best for which? Well, to help you out of all this confusion, here are the brushes that work perfectly for each kind of foundation.

Low coverage

For the best application of low foundation on those picnic trips and expeditions, the angled foundation brush works best. It has short and tough bristles that are perfect for spreading the product on your face evenly. Plus, the brush works amazingly with perfect strokes to smooth the foundation into the crevices of your face for a more toned look. A good foundation brush may apply the foundation, but a great one blends it perfectly onto your face for the perfect finish and the angled brush can do this for you.

Medium coverage

You may need the medium coverage foundation on those lunch outings or those formal meetings and the stippling brush is great for delivering the smooth look that you desire. Its dense nature makes it great for applying the product evenly, without consuming too much foundation. The brush is a great tool if you need that perfect airbrushed look on all of your beauty expeditions.

Pressed powder

The battle between powder and creme foundation is never ending, however, the brushes used to apply each product don’t agree with each other either. Pressed powder is best applied with the fluffiest, most bouncy brush that you can find. The fluffier the better, that’s the rule with powders!

High coverage

Then comes the ultimate challenge, your perfect, high coverage foundation. Now the trouble with these kinds of foundations is that if the foundation is not applied evenly, the uneven areas will show very prominently. Hence, the need to make it as smooth as possible is critical. The perfect weapon to battle with this product is the makeup sponge. It’s soft, it’s even and it does the job perfectly. So, whenever you are in need of that flawless makeup coverage, the makeup sponge is a great tool to use.

Now that you know which brushes go best with which foundation, it is much easier to unravel the mysteries of the makeup world. After all, every kind of makeup needs a special tool for perfection. So, just pick up the best brush for the job and blend your way to perfection!

The Best Shampoo for Curly Hair

Hair hygiene is important, just like cleaning every other part of your body. However, just like your skin, your hair is susceptible to damage and are more vulnerable than you think. Part of why shampooing your hair and finding the best product is hard is because that different hair types react differently to different shampoos. One shampoo that works perfectly on straight hair may make curly hair frizzy or really limp. Plus, certain shampoos can really make your hair tangle, and when you have curly hair to deal with, this can be an absolute nightmare. So, to help you out, here are the best shampoos that you can use to make your curly hair fabulous.

Rene Furterer Karite Nourishing shampoo

This brilliant formula has just the right hydration and conditioning for curly hair. Its conditioner has just the right thickness and works perfectly for messy curls. The shampoo leaves the hair completely nourished for a glossy tangle free finish. It really is one of the best shampoos for curls that tend to get dry or tangled.

Davines love curl shampoo

This great shampoo has one of the most serene scents that you have ever smelled. It has a very hydrating nature and its conditioner works like magic. It can be a little thick, requiring some effort to wash out, but once done, the scent and the soft hydrated feel of your hair are really worth it. Try this shampoo for lasting, beautiful hair, even on the third day of the shower.

Deva curl low-poo

This one seems to be the first choice of a number of curly haired girls out there. It gives your hair that magnificent Botticelli texture and is one of the most hydrating shampoos that we have ever tried. The dose of moisture and conditioning is so great that this shampoo seldom needs a follow-up conditioner. If you need to settle your curly hair and get the perfect non-messy curls, this shampoo is the best one for you.

Apple cider vinegar

We can’t close the topic without mentioning the wonder features of this special liquid. Apple cider vinegar can certainly brew up some magical qualities for our hair. It cleanses your scalp. It tones your hair and its environment and gives your hair a soft and shiny texture. We recommend using it before a shampoo to get that extra voluminous and sparkling hair that you so desire.

Finding the right product for your hair can be difficult. Many women have to go through a whole bunch of them before they find the formula that works for their hair. These shampoos, however, are some of the best ones in the market for curly hair. You are sure to find your wonder shampoo by trying one or all of them. So, say goodbye to that frizz and those messy curls and welcome the perfect curly hair after every wash!

A Christmas Makeover

End the Year with Glamorous Hair


Christmas is almost upon us, amid all the excitement of shopping for gifts for family and friends, there is one important person you mustn’t forget. You.

Have you ever noticed when you have a bad hair day, nothing falls in place, your whole day seems to suffer? As women, our hair is a big part of who we are, it is the crown we never take off. Your hair can change the outlook of your face and give you confidence you never knew existed. It is easy to achieve that sexy, glamorous and fuller hair without spending a fortune. If you find yourself being unhappy with your hair a lot, it’s time for a new look.

A lot of make overs involve cutting, colouring, styling to achieve that big impact look. However, not many people have length and volume they desire, this is where Hair Extensions comes in.  The great thing about hair extensions, you can try for a new look for a short period and if you decided you didn’t like it, you can change it. In short there is no commitment. Thanks to the celebrities who have made using hair extensions glamorous, you too can achieve that red carpet ready look.

It is important to choose the right hair extensions, cheap does not always mean good. Invest in Flowbella Hair to get the red carpet worthy look.


Your Hair is a statement of Style, an Affirmation of Beauty and an expression of Self-Love.