Seat Belt????? What do you mean seatbelt? – Madness of India


Today we are heading to Punjab to meet a supplier I have been in contact with, the car is picking us up at 12pm on the dot! Whilst waiting for the car at the lobby, I was praying that the car would be air conditioned because I don’t know how much more of this heat I can take.

The first thing I asked when we got into the car was, ‘where are the seatbelt?’ The driver replied, seatbelt? What seatbelt? These are only for novelty. In my head I was thinking, you expect us to drive for 8 hours without wearing any seatbelt? In this crazy traffic? My friend of course found the funny side and she was laughing away at my innocent yet serious question.

We take off and surprise surprise after 20 mins of driving we are pulled over by the police. Typical, I said to my friend, it’s just like the police in Africa I bet they want some money! We stayed inside the car and watched the driver plead with the policemen but they were having none of it. My friend said do not look a the policeman, we have 3 big suitcases they might think we have money blag bla bla.  Eventually our driver gets back in the car and we of course we asked him what happened, did you have to pay him? Yes he said, why I asked? Well I ‘JUMPED A RED LIGHT’ he said ‘Ha I take back what I said about all policemen to being corrupt.

The drive was long, the traffic was not bad at all, we eventually arrived in Ludhiana in our beautiful hotel.

My room


We were delighted to have such beautiful bedroom complete, the whole thing was just magical. I was on the 8th floor (the non smoking floors) and my friend was on the 4th floor (smokers floor) in. After putting the bags in my room and my friend checking out my bedroom, I too, of course wanted to check out her bedroom.  I kid you not, as the lift door opened, we were greeted by 10 plus policemen to all carrying a GUN! What the heck is going on, we carried on walking and wondering why such a heavy police presence? More importantly why just on her floor I too want to feel special and have protection on my floor (without the guns of course).

My friends room as equally as beautiful as mine, we were both delighted and could not wait to refresh and check out the bar for a very much needed LARGE G&T.

Nina being curious as always, asked the policemen why they were there and why so many guns? Apparently they had a very important GURU staying a the hotel hence the protection. A guru who smokes? Asked Anita? KEEP WALKING I TELL HER.!!!!!!!


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