My First Time @BarrysBootcamp London

Barry’s Bootcamp – Yes it hurts, Yes it does work and Yes it’s worth it.

A friend of mine started going to Barry’s Bootcamp over 2 years now, she loves it and has been trying to persuade me to go for a very long time. Me, being scared cat of course refused point blank, to start with, I’m not very good at running and lifting weights? Are you mad?  No chance.

Finally on a night out, after one glass of champagne too many (Oh alcohol how I hate you sometimes), I finally agreed. What’s the worse that could happen? I could hate it and never go back, at least I can say to her I have tried it.

Here we go, the first time I went to a Barry’s Bootcamp class I was shocked, physically, beyond anything else.

My first class was with Faisal (I did double floor), I was too scared to do the treadmill. Monday morning I ached so much that it was a struggle to get out of bed, sit down or walk down the stairs. I started to cry and asking myself why ‘oh why did I do this to myself’!

For some unknown reason and I couldn’t even tell you why, I decided to go back 4 days later, this time I had none other than Anya. I was aching so much from the previews class that I wished I never went back. After the class I literally felt like I have been hit by a cricket bat from head to toe! After a long bath, the aches wasn’t as bad.

Nerveless to say that after that, I was completely hooked. I now go three times a week and what’s more after 12 months of going my body has completely changed, I’m fittest than I have ever been and even starting running in the morning (well on the days when I can’t make it to Barry’s).

Give Barry’s a try, like they say ‘You will always remember your first time at Barry’s’



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