Beautiful Greece-Conquering my fear

I’m extremely excited to be going to Greece, a country I have never been to  and always wanted to go. The downside of the holiday is that we have a 6am flight which means we have to be up at 2am, oh boy is there any point at all in going to sleep. I have to confess part of me was tempted to stay up until 2am and go straight to the airport and sleep on the plane. However, since I cannot sleep on planes, I ought to go to bed early and try and get up, the last thing I need is to miss the plane.  Nevertheless, needless to say, I did not have a good night sleep. I went to bed at but kept waking up every hour which was not much fun.



We arrived extremely tired and ready for bed, however we had another 3.5 hours’ drive to the resort. How annoying, the flight was only 2.5 hours and the drive is 3.5 hours ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


We arrived at Aristi Mountain Resort to be greeted by this beautiful view. Despite the long tiring drive, and the lack of sleep, when we set eyes on this beautiful place all seemed to be worth it.  Our hotel is nestled in the middle of the mountains one of which, the Vikos Gorge in the Pindus Mountains, is listed in the Guinness world record as one of the deepest gorges. We didn’t do much today apart from plan our week ahead and have an early night, it’s been a tiring day we have been up for more than 12 hours. Unbeknown to me, my partner told me this holiday was for me to conquer my fears and do things I have never done before, i.e. white water rafting, paragliding (thank you for very much for forgetting I’m petrified of heights), climbing, cannoning (hmmm another one I’m not sure of), horse riding, and relax and read some books. Hmmmm, say what?????



We had lovely supper the night before at a very nice restaurant by the village, however, I was extremely nervous of the white water rafting given that I’m not a strong swimmer. The question which was on my mind is what if I fall off and the current is so strong that it sweeps me away. My partner replies: ‘well then you will die’. The drive to the white water rafting centre was the longest drive of my life (even though it only took 20 mins). Upon arrival I felt physically sick, part of me wanted to:

  1. A) Give up on the whole idea and forget about it


  1. B) Go along with it and let God deal with it

However I was not prepared to give in and let my partner win on our bet. I decided to go ahead with it.

White Water Rafting

After the induction and simple instructions we got on our inflatable raft, funnily enough once we were on the raft all my nerves disappeared, I was scared for nothing,  this is really good fun. I should have done this earlier, at some places it was relaxing other it was a little more heart stopping moments. I must confess, I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting and without a doubt I would do it again.


Vikos Mountain

Today is our big day of walking/climbing the famous Vikos Gorge. I wasn’t scared or nervous since I have climbed before and knew what to expect, this was my favourite thing on the list, what can be more relaxing than walking and enjoying the view? Piece of cake. Our guide picked us up at and told us what to expect. The walk/climbing will take around 6hours, 6 hours I replied? Hmm I should have done my research re the Gorge never mind.

We arrived at the top of the Gorge around 10am, our guide told us we would start with a gentle walk down the mountain, stop for lunch around midday, and carry on stop by the river for a swim before embarking on the climb up the Gorge. So far so good, I love gentle walks followed by a swim, I’m not sure about the climbing but hey.



This place is beautiful beyond description, being surrounded by all this lovely nature is pure beauty, and scenery itself takes your breath away. We live in such a beautiful world, all this lovely nature that God gave us and we more often than not take it for granted. After 3 hours of walking and some heart stopping moments, I was actually scared in some places it was so steep and one wrong turn, you would be dead.  We walked, enjoyed the views and of course the sky decided to open. This is nothing like the rain we get back home in London, this is tropical train, despite the weather being 30 degrees the rain was actually cold. We had two options either wait until the rain stops or soldier on. We decide to soldier on completely soaked, cold and feeling tired beyond anything else. The rain would not stop and we decided to skip the river and head back to the hotel. My heart sank when I found out we have another 2 hours to go, oh no. Thirty minutes until the finishing line I started to feel faint, sick and seeing double vision. Every time I looked down my legs gave away, the guide told me whatever you do not stop or look down. How can I not? I wanted to lay down there and wait for a helicopter to come and carry me or for someone to carry me. My darling partner was even more tired than me, but I soldiered on and when we reached the top I was happy my legs gave away and I collapsed on the floor with exhaustion and euphoria. I’ve made it, 6 hours OMG how?




I woke up with my legs and bottom aching so much I couldn’t get out of bed properly I was limping. Give me Barry’s Bootcamp class anytime. After breakfast another adventure day awaits us.  Today is the mother of all conquering my fear of heights, paragliding.


I was more nervous about doing this because I’m petrified of heights. The drive up to the mountain was very scary at times and the roads were so narrow, thank God I was not on the driving seat. I would have fainted going up there and probably left the car and walked down instead.



When it was my turn to be strapped in, my heart was in my mouth, I was feeling physically sick, and all I kept thinking was: what if the parachute cuts and I drop from mid-air all the way to the ground?   Before I had time to let my thoughts wander any further we were off. OMG, ok, I kept my eyes open because I wanted to see where I was going, however, when I looked down my whole stomach turned, I felt light headed and I was extremely worried. We were one kilometre above the valley floor! The instructor who was strapped to me must have seen how nervous I was and reassured me that I was safe and I should relax, he’s an expert and he’s been doing this for 20 years and never had any accidents. After that useful piece of information, I found myself more relaxed and enjoyed the view. I felt liberated being up there, all my thoughts disappeared and I was able to look down and enjoy it. I felt alive and just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being up there.


Out of all the holidays I have been to, this holiday pushed me to the limits, I have done things I have never imaged before, it makes such a difference when you let all your fear disappear and enjoy the moment. Its liberating. I had a great time in Greece and I would return to the same resort again, the hospitality we received was second to none. THANK YOU ARISTI MOUNTAIN RESORT.

Back to London now and the first thing i need to do is head to my hairdressers to sort out my hair extensions out!!! I feel like having shorter hair for the summer, I’m going for the chop!  Here is the end result.

This is my summer look   #SLAY THE BOB

IMG_4737 (002)


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