The Most Fashionable Destinations in the World

Fashion is created all over the world and the new trends and fashion statements get together from a number of fashion states around the world. Just like you, we would love to visit these places and see the latest fashion trends brewing up. So, where does this fashion originate from?  Here we describe the top 4 fashion churning cities of the world that are a must see for all the fashion crazy ladies out there. You may have heard a lot about them, but never realized how much they have contributed to the fashion world. So, if you are looking to visit any of the fashion producers out there, be sure to pay these places a detailed visit! Trust us, you won’t regret it!


The city of style, known for its elite taste in the fashion industry, is one of the most exotic fashion states in the world. The annual fashion week held in this city has inspired fashionistas and style icons from all over the world. The Avenue des Champs-Elysees is full of an assortment of the world’s greatest designers from Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior. If that wasn’t enough, dine in some of the chicest restaurants in the world and satisfy your taste for luxury to the extreme.

New York

The rollercoaster of style, New York is the hub of fashion. Wherever you look, the city is bursting with new trends and fashion statements. Whether it’s the empire state building or some of the best shopping districts that the city has to offer, you can’t go wrong in New York. 5th avenue is the epicenter of fabulous designers. Versace, channel Dior and a number of other fashion names can be found in the area that makes it a fashion buzz to visit.


If the classics are your favorite, pay a trip to Milan and be mesmerized by the vintage beauty that the city offers. A number of the iconic fashion designers have their headquarters in this city of fashion. From Armani to valentine, Gucci and Versace, the entire city is bejeweled with notable brand names of the industry. If you want to live the fashion life in this city, pay a visit to the quadrilatero Della moda and be inspired by the exotic trends and beautiful fashion statements being conjured.


We can’t just round up the fashion cities without mentioning the queen of street wear, London. The city is simply the most amazing point to look at the world’s funkiest fashion trends. Harrods at Brampton road and Camden Market are fashionista’s favorite spots to look at the new fashion of tomorrow. It really is a magical place where everything is in full flow, conjuring up the latest fashion trends by the minute.

All these places are perfect examples of great cities in the world that you can visit to revel in the latest fashion crazes. We are mesmerized by the exotic beauty trends that each individual place has to offer. Certainly, it can be a one of a kind experience to visit all these different fashion destinations. We would love to travel to these locations and satisfy our desire for fashion, won’t you?


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