There will come a time in your life when you must walk away from drama and the people who create it.

You realise that some people just drain your energy, put you down, betray your trust and start spreading gossip about you in order to make themselves feel better about their own unhappiness. When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.

Toxic people can be friendly, very seductive in order to win you over. However, once they have won you over, subtly they begin to undermine your self-esteem, they drain all your energy with unpleasant discreet observations.

If you are going through a difficult time because of your friends attitude, if your patience, compassion, advice does not seem to help them, you need to ask yourself  ‘what is this relationship doing to me?’

Toxic people in your life can:

  • Drain you
  • Be critical of you
  • Always negative
  • Show no empathy
  • They lie and are not honest with you
  • They manipulate you in order to exploit you
  • They stress you out

Constant drama and negativity are things that it’s never worth to live with. Toxic people do nothing but pollute everyone around you, including you, if you allow them. If you have tried to reason with them and they are not helping, leave them to their devices.

Toxic people will always try to make it out somehow that you did something wrong and because we as human beings, naturally have the ‘guilty button’, you can feel like you did something wrong. As a result, it can bring our confidence down and unsettle us mentally. Whatever you do, don’t let this happen to you.

You need to surround yourself with people who:-

  • Support you in good and bad times
  • Inspire you to be the best version of you
  • Are the source of your happiness
  • Pick you up when you are down

Life is too short, surround yourself with the best people in your life, you deserve the best and above all, ‘DO NOT SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST’




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